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Our Story

Spates Painting concierge team will work hard to help you choose the right painter at the right price! 

Spates painting  has over 30 years in the house painting and decorating industry so we know everything you need to know about painting your home and choosing colors.

Service Hub by SPATES PAINTING is a comfortable place to hire trusted and experienced house painters at an hourly or daily rate.

Book a painter by the hour or a few days, it's easy!

Also SAFE we guarantee you will be happy, when work is done you just click a button that it is complete, then payment goes to the painter.

We started painters hub because as a professional painter for over 30 years, founder Greg Spates saw a need to bring quality experienced house painters to one location. All painters are vetted and tested on their painting experience level.

SPATES PAINTING is not an employer of painters, all painters are independent freelance contractors. all transactions are between users and providers.

Hey Painters, do you like this? Let's get you on board.   APPLY NOW