Information about Service Hub

How it works

How it works

Painters Hub is best way to book trusted and experienced house painters at an hourly rate and safe.

  • Find a painter near you at a price you like.
  • Request painter and book time needed for project.
  • Painter accepts your request, schedules job and completes project.
  • When you agree that job is complete and your happy.
  • Click the COMPLETE button and painter gets paid.


Q) What if I did not buy enough time for painter to finish? 

A) That's Fine, you can just purchase more hours that you need at SPATES PAINTING just ask your painter.

Q) What if painter suggest to do transaction between us?

A) For TRUST and SAFETY we do not suggest outside transactions, you will not be covered by our Customer Protection Program. Our painters policies prohibits painters to transact outside SPATES PAINTING system, you can report painters that violate this policy.

Q) What is the difference between licensed and freelance labors?

A) Licensed painters have the state licensing board requirements. Freelance day labors are workers that have a high level of painting experience without a license. Freelancers can be good for smaller projects at a lower price.

  • Painters/companies are vetted  independent painting contractors or freelance day labors.
  • Contact painters in their profile page to ask questions and get estimated time for work before purchase.
  • TRUST and SAFETY -  We offer Customers Protection from painters not showing up and poor workmanship, when you make payment transactions within SPATES PAINTING. 
  • We suggest you communicate and pay for painters work in SPATES PAINTING.  We can not assist your disputes if you go outside our system. 
The SPATES PAINTING team is here to assist you on your next house painting project.